What in a Line?

Take a number 2 pencil,

soft lead,

no eraser.

Sketch the outline.

Mark the shadows.

Note the highlights.

In pastels

detail the work.

Add perspective, dimension,

point of view.

Shade in tang.

Let it rest.

Draw it again –

in vivid markers.

Like Picasso’s bull.

Just the bones,

the important ones.

Then erase half.

Does it squirm?

Terse in its candor?

Then it’s a poem.

Bite Club

This piece started with the picture of the cotton candy. I knew that I wanted to focus on this, but it wasn’t until I found the image of mouth and the strong man, the rest started to evolve. I loved making his arms extend right into the cotton candy and the strawberry ice-cream bar (a childhood favorite) – he’s like ARGGG!!! I’ve included so many of my favorite sweets including the melting S’more. The girl behind the cotton candy was a perfect representation of the hate / love relationship so many of us feel around sweets and the self-judgement that can come up from our diet culture. n come up from our diet culture.

Loose Leaves

I came across Andrew Gleeson’s online Loose Watercolor Academy a few months ago. Loose watercolor technique was just what this control freak needed!

Needle and Thread

Mother and daughter quilting projects