Needle and Thread

Gnome Pride

Years ago my teaching partner was given a gnome as a holiday gift. From then on, his gnome collection has grown and grown. I’m working on this as a birthday gift. Mochi can’t seem to stay away from it 😛

He hides but is always found.

Alphabet Quilt

Invariably, the most quilts I make are for friend’s babies. This one is for baby Quin (though I know the spelling as actually more hipster than this but I can’t remember it).

Mom’s Kimono Wall Hanging

Jenny’s Asian Inspired Panels

Mom’s Valentines Embroidered Hearts

This is one of my favorite pieces of mom’s embroidery practice.

Baby Foxes for Baby

Can’t leave thread unattended.
Cat traps have worked! They’ve finally stayed off my work area.

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