Abundant Acrylics

These multi-media pieces were inspired by some of my mother’s poems.…

The Quest Continues
I seek a bright opening
in the greyness of daily.
Leap into the dawn,
amble through the thistle field,
each puncture
a call to growth.
I seek a chisel
and the strength to use it;
to chip away encrustations.
How was my openness
forced closed?
Why did the desire to please
flow like lava over my spring?
I seek to be reborn,
to do it again,
this time with abandon, delight.
If deaths shadow me,
betrayals accost me,
I will raise a force field
of blackberries, thistles and dragonflies;
an empowering saint who proclaims
Dare! Grow!

This was painted on a re-used canvas from a thrift store. It originally had a little princess dancer with attached bow and toile fabric. I used this to connect to dancing and collaged an under garment image.

The second to the last line inspired the eye.
I reworked the lips three times to add depth.