My Pandemic Life

Since its Thursday, do yoga series 5; check Amazon deliveries; weed the lettuce; check the on-line medication order.

Listen to news. How many newly dead in the state? in the nation? in the world? Read on-line paper updates, Send donations to Church and to Food Bank.

Since its Thursday, remember Zoom cocktail party with F & V at 5:30. Check level of gin.

Wash hands. Change from singing “Row Your Boat” to “Mary had a Little Lamb.”

Ignore the calendar. Don’t count the days.

Check school district website. Is there a change? If schools are open we want to be there. Research Kawasaki Disease.

Since its Thursday, put on gloves, mask, take car for its weekly drive. Don’t think about the olden days, when drives to restaurants or movies were every day easy.

Buy new hair trimmer; I’m sure it was the trimmer’s fault that J’s hair turned out that way.

Find flour. Buy some on Etsy? Email K for bread recipe. Search for Mother’s recipe. The scent of baking bread evokes stability, safety, security.

Since its Thursday, do Facebook post so the rest of the family knows we’re still alive.

Tell R about dream of trying to attend five different on-line funerals at once.

Check with F. Can she Zoom babysit Sunday afternoon? The kids love to play the game she invented.  R and I need some time together without kids.

Call bank. Check on options for partially paying the mortgage.

See if there’s TV channel for Korean baseball.

Since its Thursday, put out the ballerina costume; I’m going to follow the Australian pandemic tradition and dress up for garbage day. It will be my Bin Isolation Outing.

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